Welcome to the journey

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Hello and welcome to the City University Calgary Clinic.  If you’ve arrived at this page, you are likely one of the many people in Calgary who are looking to access free counselling services that are relevant to your specific needs. This counselling clinic was developed with the Calgary community in mind and with the expressed intent to offer needed mental health services while also being a place of rich learning for the students who will become the very best professionals in the field.

If you are an individual or family who is looking to access our student therapists, we are pleased to offer you this service, either virtually or on site at our location in downtown Calgary at the City University Calgary Campus.  

Our Approach

Through our consultative approach, you will experience a session that is broken into three parts, one that is about gathering information and creating a good relationship, one that offers a break for you to contemplate things and give your student therapist time to gather input from the therapeutic team, and then one that allows for proper closure and feedback.  This allows you to generate a wealth of insight into what is happening for you from those who understand that counselling can be a unique process for each person.